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Caring for the Most Important Aspect of Life, Your Health!

There is no denying the fact of health being the greatest wealth, and at Gardens Compounding Pharmacy, that is exactly what we focus on!

Locally Owned & Operated

Owned by Amanda Ward, B.Pharm MBA, since 2008, we are an integral part of the Albury community, striving to provide the best possible compounding medication solutions. We are proud to have raised over $20,000 for Ovarian Cancer Australia and $17,000 for Brain Cancer Awareness

Our specialty lies in customising medications that focus on the root cause of the problem rather than simply treating the symptoms.

Every single one of our pharmacists and technicians takes part in training programs to stay up-to-date with the latest practices in pharmaceutical compounding. Amanda brings her 20+ years of experience to bear as she leads this amazing team.

What Can We Help You With?

At Gardens Compounding Pharmacy, our goal is to offer you personalised solutions as per your medical needs. We can help you with:

  • Strengthening your immune system to fight off infections
  • Improving gut health and reducing indigestion and reflux
  • Raising your good cholesterol and reducing the bad one
  • Improving your heart health and stabilising your blood pressure
  • Reducing stress and improving your quality of sleep
  • Increasing awareness of a healthy lifestyle and diet

Rest assured, all ingredients we use have received USP and BP approval grading.

Why Us?

We are driven by the passion to help you, to uplift the quality of your life. When you choose Gardens Compounding Pharmacy, you will feel the difference not just in the quality of our products, but also in the love and care you receive.

The path to health and wellness becomes so much easier when you put your trust in those who are genuinely concerned for your wellbeing. That is exactly what we at Gardens Compounding Pharmacy strive for, to offer you a service that combines the best of both worlds, pharmaceutical compounding and a great customer service!

Our Team




With over 20 years experience, Amanda has owned Gardens since 2008 and is a qualified Compound Pharmacist. Trained to compound, treat sleep apnoea, perform DNA tests and support customers on their Impromy weight loss journey, Amanda constantly seeks the latest treatments in customer support and well being.




Community and compounding pharmacist. Focuses on providing health services, healthcare information and up-to-date evidence-based compounded solutions.

Accredited to do:

Medication Reviews




Tony has been working in the pharmacy trade since 1978. Over his 48 years of experience as a professional pharmacist, he has helped thousands of people from all walks of life. In fact, he has previously owned his own pharmacy over in Wodonga, a popular centre which operated for several

Tony now supports the team at the Gardens Pharmacy on a part-time basis. He still enjoys helping local people who visit the Gardens centre, and when he isn’t working, he is an avid traveller. He also takes the time to dote on his grandchildren during his spare time, too.



Dispensary & Compounding Technician

Maddy is the longest-serving member of the team. The pharmacy has been open 11 years – and Maddy has been a part of the staff for 10! She is an Albury local and has lived in the area her entire life. She is deeply passionate about providing outstanding care to pharmacy visitors.

Maddy is also deeply involved in compounding and is a qualified compounding technician. That means that she is closely involved in helping visitors find more personalised medication.

Maddy’s compounding experience has shaped much of the way the Garden Pharmacy operates! In her spare time, she enjoys looking after her godson.



Retail Manager

Becky has lived in the Albury/Wodonga area for the past 30-years and has worked in the pharmacy industry for over 17-years; she is one of the most experienced members of the Gardens team. In fact, she previously worked with Amanda at the very start of her pharmacy career!

Becky’s passion is providing fantastic customer care and advice. She has a keen interest in sleep apnoea as a condition and is continuing to train in specialist care. She loves taking on new hobbies and projects, and when not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter.



Dispensary Technician

A pharmacy expert, Aly, has been working in the pharmacy industry since the age of 16. She is one of the longest-standing and most valued members of the Gardens team, and she is particularly passionate about helping to care for elderly visitors.

Aly grew up as a local in the area, but having spent some years moved away, she has returned to her home community. She loves the local area, in particular, the beautiful scenery! Her favourite part of working with the Gardens team is customer interactions. There are always so many new people to meet and stories to share!



Pharmacy Assistant

Mel is a long-standing member of the Gardens Pharmacy team, with over five years’ experience working in the pharmacy industry. She is passionate about building meaningful relationships with the people she meets and especially enjoys helping elderly people both in and outside of her work at
the Gardens Pharmacy.

In her spare time, she enjoys walking her dog and socialising with friends and family. On the pharmacy side of things, she is most passionate about skincare, makeup and beauty, and can be considered a specialist in these particular areas. Mel is keen to help people find support with a smile!



Pharmacy Assistant

Kira has been working at the Gardens Pharmacy for over a year and loves helping the local community. She is always excited to meet new people and to help them achieve their health goals.

She has a particular interest in weight management and is continuing to support local visitors.

Kira is keen to grow with the Gardens Pharmacy and is currently undertaking her pharmacy cert 3. She looks forward to seeing where the qualification takes her in the years to come.

While she may be one of the newest members of the team, her expertise is still invaluable each day!



Pharmacy Assistant

Cindy has years of experience in the pharmacy trade. She worked in a border pharmacy for more than 25-years but was born and raised in the local area. She also has over nine years’ experience working as a trainer in the industry. Her experience and knowledge are crucial to the running of the Gardens Pharmacy!

When she’s not working at the pharmacy, Cindy is a keen gardener and baker. She is also a doting mum of two and is a voracious reader. She loves to help people in any way she can, both in and out of pharmacy work.

Proud supporter of local sporting teams

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